Current Pick-Me-Ups

11:15 AM

Hey babes!

I wanted to share some little pick me ups that have been putting a smile on my face. The January blues are so real right now. Coming back to school isn't ever easy for me. Usually when I come back to Oregon, I'm in a funk for the first week or so that I'm back. I don't know exactly what causes this...maybe the stress of my new courses/workload, leaving home or maybe just being back in the rain for months straight. I never understood how the weather affects your mood until I experienced the gloom for months on end. ha ha. 

Buuuuut this is when you treat yo self! 
Whenever I decide to treat myself, I usually end up purchasing something beauty related. Candles and perfumes are a major addiction of mine. I like to buy a tiny travel size of a perfume before I get a bigger one so I can see how often I end up wearing it.  I'm always gravitating towards scents because they often bring back a nostalgic feeling or perk up my mood. 

I put ones that I'm enjoying the most or wanting to wear more of on my little constellation plate in my vanity area. This way they are always right in front of me when I go to choose a scent for the day. 

One product that is forever on my plate that isn't a perfume is my Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. It's amazing for those days where you want a little skin boost but don't want to put on makeup. It blurs little imperfections and gives a fresh and dewy glow.

But on to my current rotation of perfumes!

This has been one of my favorite smells since the beginning of high school. It's a very fresh, uplifting scent and it kind of reminds me of home. My mom used to burn the incense cones from the same L'Occitane line. So whenever I spray this, I'm encompassed in a fresh nostalgic feeling. 

After discovering Jo Malone's Star Anise and Vanilla Cologne from my roommate, I knew that there was a scent specifically made for me..but then found out that Jo Malone stopped making it. But soon after for Christmas, my family gifted me the Mimosa and Cardamom Cologne! So it's my newest addition to my collection and I'm obsessed with it. Jo Malone's products are pretty pricey and luxurious so it's definitely a treat to wear this scent. 

I was so excited when Elizabeth and James released a perfume line. To me, this scent is so womanly. It's floral in a musky way with notes of vanilla. I feel like I can rule the world when I wear this scent. So when I'm feeling like a #GIRLBOSS I like to wear Nirvana White.

I found this little sample in the bottom of my bag and didn't automatically love it. I wore it a few days later, and it lasted all day while transforming into a beautiful, soft floral and powdery smell. I do think that it's one of those scents that changes, depending on who wears it. I'm a big fan of it now and it makes me feel very feminine. 

What do you love as a little pick me up?


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