Hello...it's me (us)

6:03 PM

Hello Hello!

Thought some of you might giggle at our dorky Adele title reference.. we did...

Life has been busy busy busy this past year, but for 2016 we want to re-vamp the blog. New look, new content, new us. Not really a new Amber and Anisa, but older and more dedicated to blogging Amber and Anisa.

We're at a weird and new stage in our lives. We're not living only rooms away from each other. We can't run into each others rooms when we have a cool idea or need outfit advice. We didn't expect it to be this hard being far apart from one another, but who could blame us? We've been inseparable since day one.

Currently, Anisa is finishing up her senior year of University in Oregon and Amber is finishing up her senior year of high school, and figuring out where she will be studying next. Exciting, nerve wrecking, overwhelming stuff!

We want the Rose Colored Lense to be a place we come to, to connect and share our individual experiences. A place to feel closer to one another and a place to publish content on our passions, thoughts and interests. We believe that it's important to take time for things you love, even when life can become overwhelming.

We hope you enjoy what's to come and we're beyond excited to share.

Amber & Anisa

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