Oh My G(lob).

8:05 PM

Hey friends!

Ever since Kristen Ess started hyping up the long bob trend seen on Lauren Conrad and Lucy Hale, I've been obsessed. But only recently, I decided to actually chop off my locks instead of admiring/pinning fun lob styles on Pinterest. Honestly, my new hair will probably lead to more hair inspo pins..

Adios long hurr!!

I'm so happy with my short hair, but even though I've been eager to cut it all off, it still took some time to get used to (I had grown quite used to my long locks). If you're thinking about going shorter, there's no rush! I recommend cutting a few inches (depending on how short your hair is already), waiting a bit to get used to your new length, and if you're still dying to chop off more, GO FOR IT.

I hope y'all enjoyed this post:)

xo, Amber

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