Portland for 48 hours

9:47 AM

This past weekend I was able to get out of Eugene for a bit and spend 48 hours in Portland! It was a short and sweet little getaway, filled with exploring and copious amounts of food. We went in with a list of things to do... and each thing on that list was a restaurant (no shame). Though we spent most of our time gallivanting and stuffing our faces, I was able to get some snapshots of the two days we spent in the city!

I ended up getting a sore throat the few days before our spontaneous trip, but that didn't stop us from adventuring, it just meant hot toddies with most meals :) 

Tasty n Sons is HIGHLY recommended!!

A few snapshots of roaming around and cute shops!

I was so stoked to go to the rose garden but as we got there I remembered that it was winter and there were no roses to be seen :( It was still beautiful though!


Missing this magical weekend already!

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