Travel Diary: Venice, Italy

4:12 PM

Hello, hello!
Ah. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted! While I'm slightly mad at myself for posting so late, I have a legit excuse...  ya girls' been traveling! (ok true true.. it was only for one week way back in March.. my b). Anyywayss... Just a few weeks ago during spring break, I was fortunate enough to board a plane with some of my fellow high school peers and head off to Italy. This trip was on my mind since last summer and ended up being an absolute dream. Now that I've finally edited all 1768 photos, I had to share!! 

It all started at LAX. I can never define my feelings towards the airport: it's my favorite place when I'm the lucky traveller off to another land but it's my least favorite place when I'm saying goodbye to someone headed far away. This feels especially appropriate since the fam and I just dropped Anisa off at LAX yesterday :'(
After departing from Los Angeles, a very quick (but very eventful) layover in Amsterdam broke up the long journey.
As a Cali girl, the ice cold climate here was an instant shock. Despite my initial desire to run back into the airport and stand next to a heater, after walking around a bit and munching on a warm waffle (with Nutella obvi), I was eager to explore Amsterdam.

We were also lucky enough to visit the Van Gogh museum which was absolutely stunning. It was also  very nice and warm inside the museum :-)  Unfortunately no pics were allowed inside the museum.

Day 1: Arrive in Venice, Italy.
I swear the sun was a bright golden orange hue when we arrived in Venice. I was probably too absorbed/excited with the fact that I was in Italy to snap a pic. Picture the prettiest golden hour you've seen but instead of a soft glow imagine a blaze of tangerine. It was unlike anything I've ever seen before.
This sunset is no match to what I just described but it was an equally inviting sight into Venice. 
Day 2 - Early Foggy Morning in Venice

Arrive in San Marco:
My initial reaction upon arriving in San Marco = speechless. It honestly felt like I was wandering through a painting. 

The beautiful Bridge of Sighs

Off to St Mark's Basilica! 
 aka: marble heaven

I guess I have a thing for pretty windows!!

Afternoon: exploring Venice

Evening: Gondola Ride

Woah.. sorry not sorry about the picture overload! 
There are tons more from the rest of my trip (Florence, Rome, & Capri are just a few)! I'll be posting those asap :)

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